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Microsoft has silently upgraded PCs to Windows 10

2016-03-15 03:20 by
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Hundreds of Windows users have recently complained in social netwotks that their Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PCs have automatically upgraded to Windows 10 without asking for any user permissions. The affected users claim they never approved or initiated the upgrade, but were forced into the upgrade anyway.

"I left my computer unattended and when I came back it was installing Windows 10. I'm 100 percent sure that no one accessed my computer when I was away. Did it install automatically? Without me agreeing?," a user on Reddit questioned.

The unwanted behavior started after Microsoft released a security patch last Tuesday that reclassified the upgrade as "important."

This isn't the first time Microsoft has pushed aggressively Windows 10. Back in September of last year, it decided to push out Windows 10 upgrade files to PCs to anyone who chose to receive automatic updates through Windows Update. Basically, the company hopes that by enforcing Windows 10 it will meet its target of over two billion devices running Windows 10 by 2017.

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by drbaltazar - 2016-03-15 10:06
MS did change where it put the range(sorry cant recall the official achronyme)
but basicly it went from a lower rating to important , and in july or at a later date it will be moved to critical ,people might always ignore those rating (important , critical etc) but they should learn it exactly because ms isnt hidding any of this ,true they probably should send a warning to say ,on this date we will be moving window 10 from important to critical if you do not want this update please follow our official way of disabling it on our website also it is likely channel 9 (ms official 101 that cover the basic of everything (yep it might seem hardcore but for ms it is their 101 stuff so people make less error so ms does have to revisit stuff they they shouldnt even be ever seeing .so bottom line :its working as intented. and yes ms provide way to disable auto and the annoyance when ms put a w10 icon in the bar . security now covered that also(grcdotcom)
by Mick - 2016-03-16 11:28
There are a couple of different ways to look at this, even if it does seem a bit iffy. It's not just that Microsoft is wanting 2 billion devices on Windows 10, it's more that they want to move devices off Windows 7 and 8.1 There aren't too many companies in the world that fully support software as old as Windows 7 and even 8.1, and support for these in terms of keeping 'up to date' becomes increasingly more difficult. Supporting office computers on Windows 7 for a couple more years is infinitely easier, seeing as companies don't usually replace PC's that often so new hardware isn't an issue, and likewise software incompatibilities are unlikely because companies run the same software for extended periods. There's also the matter that Microsoft aren't making any more money of Windows 7 and 8.1, so continued support is just costing them money. Sure, the consumer may think this is just greed, but no successful company would operate in such a manner.

Supporting a single OS that is continually updated is much easier, cost effective, and beneficial for the user. Microsoft's biggest problem is that they didn't instigate this much earlier. I would guarantee 100 percent that if they did exactly what they are doing with Windows 10 back when Windows 7 came out, any change back to the Windows 7 would illicit a negative response from the same people, but with the reverse opinion. No doubt they don't hesitate to update their phone when a new version of iOS or Android is available either.

The big question is why are any of these people opposed to Windows 10? Privacy is by no means an excuse, seeing as most people do their private stuff on phones these days and Android and Apple collect data as well.
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