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MGBASE-T Alliance formed to expand Gigabit Ethernet standards

2014-12-03 10:36 by
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A group of vendors, forming the MGBASE-T alliance, have announced that they will support the IEEE in their attempt to accelerate the adoption of 2.5Gbps (Gigabits per second) and 5 Gbps Ethernet speeds in enterprise-level wireless products, thus increasing the speed of traffic over wireless networks. Some of the companies forming the alliance include Broadcom, Brocade, Aruba Networks and Avaya.

"It's evident that the backbone of these wireless access networks (1 gigabit per second Ethernet) can't keep up," associate director of product marketing for Broadcom's Infrastructure and Networking Group Simon Assouad said."Most companies pushing up against the limits of 1G-bps Ethernet are ready to make an upgrade, but their choices are limited. They can either jump up to 10G-bps Ethernet, the next available IEEE standard, or add a second, 1G-bps connection to double the bandwidth."

This is not the only organization pushing for 2.5GbE and 5GbE speeds on wireless networks. The other big player is the NBase-T Alliance, formed by Cisco Systems, Freescale, Aquantia and Xilinx. They aim to enable businesses to speed up their networks over Ethernet without having to upgrade the cabling they already are using. This will allow the businesses to extend the life of the cabling they already have in place and to reduce the costs.

Existing 1 GbE networks usually use copper Cat5E cabling, which is not sufficient to handle 10 GbE. However, Cat5E and even Cat6 will be able to support the emerging 2.5 and 5 Gbps standard, enabling a faster wired network, while still using the current cables.

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