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Logitech launches a vertical mouse for smaller hands

2022-04-19 16:30 by
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Logitech has announced Lift, a $69.99 wireless vertical mouse that's available starting today in multiple colorways, as well as with both right- and left-handed options.

The Lift features a vertically oriented design that puts your hand at a 57-degree angle for better ergonomics. Compared to using a traditional mouse, using mice like the Lift may help to greatly reduce wrist strain since you're holding your wrist at a similar angle to shaking someone's hand.

One of the key differences between this model and the company's first vertical mouse, the MX Vertical (released in 2018 for $100), is that the Lift is more compact and designed for people with small- to medium-size hands. Also, instead of using a rechargeable battery, it's powered by a single AA battery that can last up to two years. Not using a rechargeable battery has allowed Logitech to make the Lift more affordable than its predecessor.

You can order the Lift mouse now at Logitech's webstore. Note that the left-handed model is only available with a graphite colorway, while right-handed models come in white, graphite, or pink.

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