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Loapi malware capable of destroying Android phones

2017-12-19 11:17 by
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Security experts at anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new Trojan – dubbed Loapi – that causes the battery to bulge. Loapi is multi-functional - it could be used to "mine" a type of cryptocurrency, overwhelm a device with ads, launch denial-of-service (DoS) cyberattacks, access text messages and connect to the web.

According to Kaspersky Lab, it is the app's crypto-mining that causes the battery to bulge. The trojan downloads a cryptocurrency miner that will generate the digital token Monero. The miner uses the device's processing power to solve complex equations and verify transactions, which in turn earns the attackers Monero.

The malware will mine of Monero until the infected phone or tablet begins to overheat. That can cause the battery on the device to enlarge and bulge of out its casing. It can also deform the phone's cover and potentially produce more damage.

Because of the malware's flexibility, the malware has been dubbed the "jack of all trades" by Kaspersky. Its multiple means of attack also make it particularly dangerous for victims who unwittingly download the malware, as it can do financial and physical damage.

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