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Lenovo shows off mysterious rollable laptop

2022-10-18 18:00 by
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In a promotional video for its Tech World 2022 event, Lenovo showed off a laptop with what appears to be a rollable screen. In a brief working demo, you can see the screen of what appears to be an old-school notebook slowly begin to rise from the keyboard deck, unfurling into a display that is monstrously, disconcertingly tall.

Motorola, in turn, showcased a rollable concept smartphone. The device that the company showcased today extends and retracts with a click of a button. The concept smartphone marks another example of how tech companies are exploring ways to push the mobile industry forward.

The device shown in the video features a 5-inch flexible OLED screen, and it really looks like just another normal smartphone at first. The magic happens when the person holding the device presses a button and the smartphone's screen unrolls to 6.5 inches. The concept smartphone even features a moving wallpaper to complement the technology.

Of course, it's unclear whether rollable displays are an answer in search of a question or an actually useful technology that could change the way we use laptops and smartphones. But answering that question takes more than just hardware – you'll also need software that can adjust to the changing screen sizes, allowing apps and other content to automatically resize or change position. So it's likely that Lenovo and other companies working on rollable devices will be working with Google, Microsoft, and other companies to ensure that the operating systems that power these devices can fully take advantage of the new form factors.

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