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Lawsuit: Facebook let Netflix see user DMs, quit streaming to keep Netflix happy

2024-03-29 20:07 by
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Last April, Meta revealed that it would no longer support original shows on Facebook Watch. Meta's streaming business that was once viewed as competition for the likes of YouTube and Netflix is effectively dead now; Facebook doesn't produce original series, and Facebook Watch is no longer available as a video-streaming app.

Documents from a lawsuit have revealed that Meta's decision to discontinue original shows on its platform, may have been influenced by its partnership with Netflix, one of its major advertising customers.

Netflix was a large advertiser to Facebook, and plaintiffs allege Zuckerberg shuttered its promising Watch platform for the sake of the greater advertising business. Zuckerberg personally emailed the head of Facebook Watch in May of 2018, Fidji Simo, to tell her their budget was being slashed by $750 million, just two years after Watch's launch, according to court filings. The sudden pivot meant Facebook was now dismantling the streaming business it had spent the last two years growing.

The lawsuit, originally filed by Meta customers, accuses the tech giant of anti-competitive practices detrimental to social media competition and consumers. While the initial complaint mentioned secretive agreements between Meta and Netflix, the unsealed documents shed further light on the extent of their collaboration.

The documents suggest a lucrative partnership between the two companies, with Meta allegedly granting Netflix access to users' private messages - a claim that Meta has not directly addressed.

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