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Japan breaks Internet speed record with 319 Tbps figure

2021-07-19 17:36 by


Engineers in Japan just shattered the world record for the fastest internet speed, achieving a data transmission rate of 319 Terabits per second (Tb/s), according to a paper presented at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Communications in June. The new record was made on a line of fibers more than 1,864 miles (3,000 km) long. And, crucially, it is compatible with modern-day cable infrastructure.

To achieve this record, the team had to use some special add-ons that are only familiar to the very skilled and educated engineers working with lasers.

"We demonstrate the recirculating transmission of 552 x 25 GHz spaced channels covering >120 nm of S, C, and L-bands in a 125μm diameter, 4-core fiber, measuring a decoded throughput of 319 Tb/s at 3001 km", as the paper submission at the International Conference on Optical Fiber Communications says.

The NICT had to do all that within a controlled lab setting, of course, and they didn't have elements of real-world environments at their disposal. To simulate a distance of 3,001 km, for example, the researchers had to coil the fiber optic cable around. That also resulted in having no degradation of signal quality or speed while data coursed through the cable.

The previous world record for internet speed was set in 2020 when UK and Japanese engineers partnered to make 178 Tb/s connection a reality. However, this engineering feat is overlooked by today's announcement that almost doubles the old record.

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