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iPhone users can now test T-Mobile's network for free for 30 days

2021-06-30 18:45 by
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Are you considering changing carrier? It might be hard to choose which carrier to use because while some might offer great deals, their coverage or service might not be good and the money saved might not be worth all the frustration of trying to get a decent line. However, the good news is that T-Mobile will let you take their network for a spin for free.

T-Mobile is now offering owners of an unlocked iPhone with eSIM support the ability to easily test drive its network for 30 days without any additional hardware or hotspots. Тhose users can download the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app and a virtual eSIM profile to try out the T-Mobile network.

By downloading the profile you will be given 30 gigabytes of data for 30 days for free. T-Mobile doesn't require you to cancel or postpone your current service or swap out your existing SIM card, instead letting you compare the carrier's coverage to your current provider's right from the iPhone you're already using.

One potentially big caveat: Your current iPhone needs to be unlocked from any carrier. If you have an iPhone that's on a payment plan from Verizon or AT&T, you may not be able to try this out until you pay off the remaining balance, or your phone is unlocked.

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