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iPhone SE 2022 production reportedly slashed by 20%

2022-03-28 18:32 by


Apple is reportedly cutting production of its 2022 iPhone SE. According to a Monday report from Nikkei Asia, the tech giant is telling suppliers to scale back production by 2 million to 3 million units, or about 20%, for the upcoming quarter. Slowing demand, surging inflation and supply chain disruptions are among the reaons for the move.

Cuts in the low-cost 5G enabled smartphone, which was unveiled only weeks ago, will also be paired with a 10 million unit reduction in AirPod production and a trimming of units for the new iPhone 13 suite of handsets, Nikkei reported.

Apple launched the new iPhone SE (2022) earlier this month. The new iPhone SE brings 5G capabilities, the A15 chipset, and better battery life at a similar price tag. However, several YouTubers and reviewers said that the iPhone SE isn't worth the $439 price tag due to minimal changes over the previous generation and old design.

The iPhone SE isn't as popular as Apple's more expensive iPhones. According to Counterpoint Research, the 2020 version of the iPhone SE accounted for 12% of all iPhone sales from its launch until Q4 2021.

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