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iPhone 6 launch scheduled for mid-September

2014-07-28 09:30 by
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Apple iPhone 6's September unveiling has been all but confirmed by sources close to the company with the biggest indication yet that the new smartphone is well on the way to stores.

According to rumours, the second or third week of September Apple will showcase the new 4.7in iPhone 6 that is far along in development with internal testing and manufacturing preparation reportedly already carried out. Apple hasn't, however, made a final decision on whether it will release a larger 5.5in screened phablet iPhone at the same event.

The new iPhone 6 models are said to come with a range of updates over the existing iPhone 5S, which will include updated cameras, as faster processor and high resolution displays.

Similar to MacBooks, the iPhone 6 is said to have an Apple logo that lights up at the rear case. The latest photos of the device, which came from famed leaker Sonny Dickson, shows the back casing of the smartphone with a thin plastic covering in the shape of the company's logo. The clear space appears to be thin enough to let light out to create the effect of the illuminated Apple symbol that's more commonly seen in Macbooks. If the rumors prove to be true, the iPhone 6 would be an improvement in physical design compared to earlier versions of the device. The rear case for the previous iteration of the iPhone was basically a solid piece of aluminum that had an embossed Apple logo.

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