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Intel chips have another security flaw - ZombieLoad

2019-05-15 17:49 by
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Security researchers have found a new security flaw in Intel chips. Dubbed Zombieload, the bug could allow hackers to gain access to sensitive and otherwise private data in what is described as a "Meltdown-type effect."

A "zombie load" is a high amount of data that the processor cannot properly handle, which causes the processor to use elements of its microcode to prevent the whole PC crashing. This load can contain sensitive data from apps and programs, and the flaw allows this information to be accessed.

ZombieLoad and its kin affect every Intel processor made since 2011, which means all MacBooks, and a large majority of Windows PCs, most Linux servers and even many Chromebooks are affected. The bugs can even be used on virtual machines in the cloud. But AMD and ARM chips do not appear to be affected by this latest vulnerability.

The company says it's already addressed the problem in its newest chips after working for months with business partners and independent researchers. Intel chips released this year contain a fix for the bug. But previous generations of chips will need to be patched, and in some instances that fix could slow the performance of the chip by as much as 19%, Intel said in a post announcing the news.

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