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Ikea and Sonos launch new Symfonisk Picture Frame speaker

2021-06-15 15:18 by
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Ikea and Sonos have today officially introduced the latest product in their Symfonisk line. It's a $199 picture frame / wall art speaker. The "picture frame with Wi-Fi speaker" will be available for purchase starting on July 15th. Though it's very confusingly called a picture frame, you can't customize it with your own images. It's really just a piece of artwork.

It's the continuation of a project Sonos and IKEA began several years ago, with the launch of the original Symfonisk range in 2019. Back then, two devices were on the agenda: an affordable IKEA Bookshelf speaker, at just $99, and a $189 version which integrated a table lamp as well.

There will be two versions that come in white or black and can be mounted or placed on the floor against a wall. It comes with a 3.5-meter cable, and the extraneous cord can be spooled in a cavity in the back. If you buy two, you can also create a daisy chain to power them with a single cable. The buttons are on the backside, and the frame itself only extends 6 cm from the wall. For connectivity, the speakers support AirPlay 2 and wifi, but not Bluetooth.

As for the art itself, the front panel can be swapped out. Besides the default art, there will be two additional art options from artist Jennifer Idrizi starting in August. It's unclear whether you’ll be able to create your own art for the frame, but Ikea says it expects to release more in the future.

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