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Humane officially launches the AI Pin, its OpenAI-powered wearable

2023-11-10 16:43 by
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Humane, a Silicon Valley startup with a star-studded list of co-founders and executives, on Thursday released a $699 device that aims to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence to a lapel near you.

The AiPin, as the device is called, is designed to be worn on clothing and can be tapped to talk to a virtual assistant powered by technologies from ChatGPT-creator OpenAI and cloud computing power from Microsoft. It uses a laser projection system to display text and monochromatic images on a user’s hand.

AiPin doesn't have a wake word, meaning it's not always listening for a user command like 'Hey Siri' or 'OK Google.' The user needs to activate it using their voice, touch, gesture, or the laser ink display. For example, if the user touches and presses one finger on the touchpad, the device will be activated and will take voice commands. If a user wants to take or end a call, they need to double-tap the touchpad.

The product has a built-in microphone and camera, and a different array of 'trust lights' flash when those functions are in use. For example, the device will display a green light when the camera is turned on. This also lets other people know when the device is recording them or the user's surroundings.

One of the coolest features of the product is the laser display, which you can operate with your palm. The user can sift through displays like weather, clock, and date by tapping their index finger and thumb. With a slight tilt of the palm, the user can also lower or increase the volume.

One doesn't need to download apps, for companies like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI are providing subscription-based AI services.

AiPin comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. Once the battery runs out, it can be charged using a battery booster that is included in the accessory pack. "So if you ever exhaust the booster, you just reach into your pocket or bag and swap it," said Bongiorno during an explainer video.

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