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Huawei announces Wi-Fi Q2 mesh network system at CES

2018-01-11 11:11 by


Huawei is getting into the mesh router business, unveiling the Huawei WiFi Q2, a multi-unit networking system that combines wireless and powerline backhaul.

Huawei's "Wi-Fi Q2" mesh network will be composed of one main satellite hub and several smaller satellite access points which allow customers to bring full network coverage to virtually any part of their home, largely eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones. The main unit of the system has a five-step installation process, while the sub units come with simple, plug-and-play functionality.

Huawei is calling it a "Hybrid Home WiFi System," and it's basically combining wired and wireless options. On the one hand, there's a 1,867 Mbps wireless link between each of the units. However, they also get a 1 Gbps PLC powerline backhaul they can use instead. The WiFi Q2 automatically adjusts its use of each, choosing the best connection for each purpose and doing active load balancing to shift traffic between the two.

Huawei will release the WiFi Q2 is April and it will be sold through Amazon, Best Buy, and other stores. There will be three prebuilt packs, starting out with a single base station and one satellite for homes with three or four rooms. The next adds another satellite to cover homes with up to five rooms, and then a multifloor house pack with three base stations.

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