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Google wants to reduce Stadia lag with 'negative latency'

2019-10-10 19:07 by
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Google wants to make streaming games respond faster than a game would if it was running directly on a PC or console. In general, latency is measured in milliseconds. Anything from 20 to 100ms will give you an acceptable gaming experience. However, high-end gaming requires a lot less latency than that.

With its cloud gaming service, Stadia, the company plans to achieve this in two ways. "Negative Latency" is the term Google uses to describe its large stream buffer, boosting frame rates on the server's side to compensate for slow down and an even algorithm that will predict which buttons you're likely to press next - all to make up for any latency introduced by your connection. That way, a server in the cloud will basically be able to pre-render ahead of your actual action, delivering these frames in advance so, when you actually click, you will get the right frame.

"Ultimately, we think in a year or two we'll have games that are running faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than they do locally regardless of how powerful the local machine is," Google VP Madj Bakar said.

Google Stadia launches in November of this year, one year ahead of the next generation of consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, in 2020.

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