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Google to launch its Project Ara phone in 2017

2016-05-23 03:09 by


Google's rumoured modular phone, known as Project Ara, is expected to be avaialable to consumers next year. Actually, developers will get a chance to play around with it this year - Google will start shipping the developer version of the device this fall.

Those who want to participate in the development will have to go to ATAP's dedicated Ara website and fill out the form indicating what type of module they would like to develop for the phone.

Project Ara is modular, which means that it has replaceable parts. For example, if a user finds a better camera module he can buy one through Google's dedicated store and replace the existing one with it. The other components, such as memory, battery, display panels, keyboards, sensors and scanners can also be replaced.

Initially, the phone will feature static RAM, SoC, storage and a 5.3-inch display. The phone will have six modular generic slots, so users can put any module in any slot. They're all interconnected via an advanced "Unipro" network. That standardization should help each module withstand being connected and disconnected constantly, as well as helping them charge when plugged in and simply not break from heavy use.

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