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Google tests new high speed wireless Internet service

2014-10-16 09:51 by
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Google has announced its intention to test a new technology which would allow the company to deploy a wireless equivalent to its ultra-fast Fiber service. In an application to the US Federal Communications Commission, the search giant asked the agency to be allowed to carry out tests in California across different wireless spectrums. These include rare wave frequencies capable of high-speed data transmission, such as the 5.8 GHz and 24.2 GHz frequency, as well as the millimeter wave bands of 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz.

According to wireless experts, the move indicates Google's willing to be among the major providers of Internet connectivity.

"You could look at it as a possible wireless extension of their Google Fiber wireless network, as a way to more economically serve homes. Put up a pole in a neighborhood, instead of having to run fiber to each home," Stephen Crowley, a wireless engineer and consultant said in a statement.

"This could be anything from something relatively small scale, like a way to supplement their existing fiber system to something like how to put a wireless cloud around your city that leverages your fiber backbone," said Harold Feld, a senior vice president at Public Knowledge, a non-profit that focuses on broadband access and competition issues and which receives funding from tech companies including Google.

Meanwhile, the FCC is scheduled to hold a meeting on Friday about the use of wireless spectrum above 24 GHz for mobile services. It is also expected the commission to discuss how it could help the development and deployment of technology using such frequencies.

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