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Google teases its next generation of AR glasses

2022-05-12 18:59 by


Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday teased a pair of smart glasses capable of translating languages in real time.Pichai showed a video demo of the glasses during Google's I/O developer summit. While they're still just a prototype, Google suggested the glasses can show live language translations to the person wearing them.

As Google's CEO Sundar Pichai noted in a blog post, the company is working on making these prototype glasses deliver language in a line-of-sight experience. Google's work with AR will likely be incremental, but it also looks like it's trying for services first. In that sense, these glasses already seem a lot different than the more magical VR headset that Daydream was. In many ways, it seems like the sort of stuff I always expected Google Glass to do someday.

It's unclear what other features are planned for these AR glasses. But the AR translations feature is the perfect use case to focus on if your selling point is that this device is actually about interacting away from a computer screen and living in the moment.

If these glasses to release, at a price point where they’re widely available, Google may just revolutionize the way we communicate with one another in foreign languages, so we can only hope that this concept gets to exist in most than just this impressive video.The company didn't share any details about when they might be available.

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