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Google spins out new telecom project called Aalyria

2022-09-12 18:41 by


Google has unveiled a new project called Aalyria, which seeks to radically enhance the telecom space. The company is made up of some Google employees who worked on the original project, named "Loon," to transfer the technology they developed in that effort for other wireless network uses. Loon, which was shut down last year, was working on a plan to use balloons to beam Internet to remote areas.

According to the American multinational tech company, Aalyria is an attempt to improve satellite communications across the board. In addition, Google's latest telecom endeavor will also reportedly improve Wi-Fi on aircraft and vessels, as well as cellular connectivity. Codenamed "Minkowski" while in development, the Aalyria software establishes high-speed communications networks that travel between land and space.

Google said it has a decade worth of intellectual property already tied into its previous work, including physical assets and patents. The light laser technology developed for the project, called "Tightbeam," keeps data intact through the atmosphere and weather and offers connectivity where no supporting infrastructure exists.

Spinning off such tech allows Google to retain an ownership stake in what could become extremely valuable IP, while also allowing those research projects to seek outside funding and not be solely dependent on Google.

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