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Google Photos unlimited free photos ends June 1

2021-05-27 18:44 by


The time has come and the free ride is over. As of Tuesday June 1, 2021 your Gmail messages, Google Drive files, and Google Photos will count against a hard cloud storage limit. No more loopholes, no more ignored files, no more unlimited storage of photos (unless you're on a Pixel) and documents. Nearly everything counts.

Originally, Google gave users 15GB of storage for their Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos for free. Photos and videos that were saved at lower qualities — High or Express — were given unlimited space at no cost. This set up quickly became popular thanks to an easy-to-use UI and suite of family sharing and smart display features. But now that users have become hooked on Google Photos' interface, the search company is telling users to either pay up, or move their photos elsewhere.

After June 1st, existing Google Pixel phone owners still get unlimited "High quality" photos, but if you're on, say, a Samsung or iPhone instead, it's not like there was ever a "Normal quality" photo that doesn't count against the new 15GB limit.

All your existing high-quality photos and videos won't get deleted and are exempted from this change. You can still upload unlimited photos for free but only until June 1, 2021, and after that, everything will be counted toward your Google Account storage.

The company said in November that more than 80% of users won't hit the 15GB limit for another 10 years. So, if you're one of them, you might not need to worry about moving out of the service.

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