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Google paid Apple to stay out of the search business, lawsuit claims

2022-01-06 15:18 by
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A suit by California Crane School has been filed against Google, Apple and the companies' CEOs, alleging the search engine is paying the Cupertino-based tech giant to keep other search engines off its devices.

The lawsuit alleges that Google pays Apple multi-billion-dollar payments based on an agreement that Apple won't launch its own search engine, and that the non-compete contract outlines plans to undermine smaller competitors and acquire others.

The suit doesn't name the exact dollar amount allegedly paid off to Apple in exchange for the company not entering the search business. But based on bystander recordings taken of the "clandestine meetings" where this agreement took place, the suit alleges that Google had paid Apple upwards of $50 billion not to compete in search.

Lawyer Joseph M Alioto, who filed the antitrust case in San Francisco this week, stated:

"These powerful companies abused their size by unlawfully foreclosing and monopolizing major markets which in an otherwise free enterprise system would have created jobs, lowered prices, increased production, added new competitors, encouraged innovations, and increased the quality of services in the digital age."

The complaint seeks the end of these secret payments. It also asks for orders ending the non-compete agreement Apple has with Google and the end of preferential treatment to Google.

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