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Google Messages might be getting end-to-end encryption

2020-05-25 18:25 by


Google is working to allow Google Message users to send end-to-end encrypted messages via RCS. Google Messages will have extra protections in place for encrypted RCS messages. For example, end-users will be able to set whether or not third-party apps can see their encrypted messages. On top of that, end-users will be told that their messages are encrypted when sharing their location.

Android smartphones with the Messages app can activate Chat, Google's RCS standard, to unlock a real-time typing indicator, large file transfers, and reliable group messaging. With end-to-end encryption, Chat on the Messages app will also encrypt a message and only decrypt it for the recipient.

Last year Google finished rolling out RCS in the U.S. Many international markets are still waiting on it. Since it sends messages over data networks instead of cellular, messages can be sent over Wi-Fi. It also allows users to type as many as 8,000 characters per message (up from 160) and makes it easier to share large image and video files. RCS also provides a read receipt showing that the party receiving the message has opened it, and also shows when a reply to a message is being typed out.

Google is slowly but surely building up the tools for its Messages app. Recently, it was reported the app now supports emoji reactions for select users. The emoji reaction is something that we’ve been using on Facebook and iMessage. And the reports of Message app also testing this option is good news for Android folks.

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