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Google has started testing Fuchsia OS on Pixelbook

2018-01-02 13:50 by
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Google has been experimenting with a new operating system, Fuchsia, for more than a year. Created by Google and open-sourced for a developer community to contribute to, Fuchsia is still a mysterious operating system that the search giant hasn't detailed at all. Recently, the company has released documentation to allow developers to load Fuchsia onto the company's Pixelbook.

The documentation for running it on Pixelbooks doesn't mean it's ready for general consumption. Fuchsia currently requires two machines connected over a LAN for it to work, with one acting as a host and the other a target. "Good support" is only available for the Pixelbook, Intel NUCs, and the Acer Switch 12. Google even warns that creating the install media "will be destructive" to the USB drive used.

Fuchsia has been created from the Google-built Zircon microkernel, and not the typical Linux kernels that hold Android and Chrome OS together. It's not immediately clear exactly why Google is building a new operating system, nor what devices it will run on. As testing spreads to more Chromebooks, some are now speculating this could be a successor to the "Andromeda" project that never materialized.

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