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Google found security flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

2015-11-05 02:51 by


Google's Project Zero team, which works to find bugs in Android-based devices, has found 11 security flaws in Samsung's latest Android phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge. Some of the vulnerabilities could have allowed hackers to remotely access and control the smartphone.

One of the issues Google's team came across allowed hackers to intercept emails on the phone and forward them on to any other account without the knowledge of the owner. Other flaws allowed apps to access a phone user's contacts, photos, and other data without the user's permission; also to get access to private data just by sending the phone user a text message or email.

After being notified, Samsung fixed 8 of the security flaws in the handset. The remaining three fixes are coming in an update this month.

Google has started Project Zero with the aim to protect the security of its operating system by conducting such tests on Android devices.

"There is definitely a tension between Google and the handset manufacturers because Google wants to protect its Android brand, and when it comes to security, Android has been quite tarnished," said Dr Steven Murdoch, a security researcher at University College London. "Some of that is down to the extra software that handset manufacturers add."

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