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Google Fi VPN coming soon to iPhone subscribers

2021-02-09 19:18 by
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Google today announced that it will be expanding Google Fi's built-in VPN service to the iPhone starting this spring, providing iOS users with another option to ensure that their connection is secure and private on a cellular or Wi-Fi network. Google Project Fi's VPN service has only been available to Android users in beta so far.

"We're expanding access to the VPN to iPhone, so that it will be available for all users on Fi," the company announced in a press release. "We plan to roll out the VPN to iPhone users starting this spring."

Additionally, there's a new privacy and security hub available to you via the Fi app on Android. It allows you to learn about privacy and security features on Fi and manage them easily. One simple toggle will add tons of protective measures while you use your phone. Anyone using Fi (yes, even iPhone users this spring) will be able to benefit from the service's automatic blocking feature for spam calls.

Google Fi is a virtual carrier network offering users mobile data plans and phones including an e-SIM package for iPhone. Google Fi has two plans, with "Flexible" seeing members pay $20 for unlimited calling/texting and $10 per GB of data. Meanwhile, "Unlimited" — up to 22 GB before throttling — is $70 per month, and includes storage and international calling perks.

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