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Google Fi no longer uses US Cellular as part of its official network

2023-03-02 17:39 by
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Google Fi is dropping US Cellular as its official network partner. This move leaves Google Fi completely dependent on T-Mobile as its primary partner. However, that doesn't mean US Cellular subscribers won't be able to use Fi, as the service is still supported but as a part of Fi's extended network.

What this basically means is that Fi will stay connected to T-Mobile even if US Cellular has a better signal in that area and will switch to the latter's network only when roaming to areas where T-Mobile isn't accessible. And Fi users will be able to use their connection on domestic roaming without any extra charge as before.

Many users have already started to see the effect of this change. A Fi customer couldn't connect to US Cellular's network when using an eSIM but was able to get a 4G signal using an old physical Fi SIM card. Other users who recently activated a new line with Google Fi haven't been able to force switch to the USCC profile on their supported handsets. While basic troubleshooting didn't help them, Fi's support team was less than helpful as it had no clue about the change until recently.

Google had launched its service as Project Fi in 2015 using a combination of T-Mobile and Sprint's networks, then added US Cellular's network in 2016. One of the biggest appeals of Google's service was that it would switch between different mobile networks (and even local Wi-Fi networks) to find the best connection for users. T-Mobile and Sprint finalized their merger in 2020, which included combining their networks, reducing the number of options Google Fi users could switch between.

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