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Google Fi drops prices for its unlimited plans and adds more data

2022-04-11 16:15 by


Google Fi is reducing the cost of its unlimited plans - Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus - while simultaneously increasing the amount of high-speed data customers may use each month.

The company says its Simply Unlimited plan, which previously started at $30 per month per line, now starts at $20 per month per line for customers with four or more lines. Other configurations have also dropped in price: the per-line monthly cost for customers with three lines is $25 instead of $30, two lines cost $40 instead of $45, and one line costs $50 instead of $60. Unlimited Plus is down $5 across the board, with the new prices starting at $65 for one line and ending at $40 for four or more lines.

Moreover, both plans now come with additional high-speed data. With a Simply Unlimited package, you can use up to 35GB of data, up from 22GB previously, before Google will begin throttling your connection. As an Unlimited Plus customer, meanwhile, the high-speed cap is now at 50GB. Simply Unlimited subscribers can also look forward to having up to 5GB per month for hotspot tethering. That's a feature that was previously limited to the more expensive Plus plan.

Fi's original "Flexible" plan is not changing. It still starts at $17 per month, plus $10 per gigabyte of data you use.

Google Fi is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), meaning that Google resells access to other companies' networks with its own pricing and feature set. Google Fi combines the T-Mobile and US Cellular networks in the US, letting the phone switch between whichever mobile provider has the strongest signal. This carrier-switching trick isn't normal, so you'll need a special "designed for Fi" phone in order to do network jumping. With Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola phones to choose from, there's currently a pretty good selection. If you don't have a compatible phone, you can still use the service as a plain-old T-Mobile MVNO, even with an iPhone.

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