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Google Fi customers caught up in T-Mobile data breach

2023-01-31 16:48 by
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Google is in the process of telling Google Fi customers that their data was stolen as part of the T-Mobile breach earlier this month. On Jan. 5, a hacker breached T-Mobile's network and stole data from 37 million customer accounts.

For those who aren't familiar, Google Fi uses T-Mobile's network for the majority of its connections. The "primary network provider" is almost guaranteed to be T-Mobile in this situation and that recent T-Mobile data breach could very well be tied to Google Fi accounts.

The breached system is used for customer support and holds "limited data," including when a customer's account was activated, information about the plan, the SIM card serial number, and whether the account is active or inactive, Google said in its email.

The data doesn't include a customer's name; date of birth; email; payment information; Social Security number; tax ID; driver's license number or other government ID information; financial information; passwords; PINs; or text message and call data.

In this case, it's T-Mobile that must take some concrete steps to safeguard its systems from repeated data breaches and provide a sense of security to its own subscribers and the ones with its partners like Google Fi.

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