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Google expands Find My Device network with more devices

2023-05-12 04:55 by


Google is expanding and modernizing its Find My Device platform, bringing it closer in line with location-tracking solutions from Apple and Tile.

Google's Find My Device network utilizes the many Android phones around the world to help find stuff. It sounds similar to how iPhones are used in Apple's Find My network. That means lost devices will ping nearby Android devices, letting you track down their location with more accuracy than third-party tracking networks can offer.

Google says this location data is crowdsourced, but also end-to-end encrypted. That should mean that not even Google can see your location. This information is strictly for you, even if it used an in-the-wild device to find your missing item.

During today's I/O 2023 keynote, Google's Sameer Samat announced that headphones / earbuds, tablets, and other product categories will be added to Find My Device in the coming months. (Some of these are already supported, but you can count on seeing many additional devices.) More importantly, it will now become a vast network that uses devices owned by other people to ping your missing gadget and pinpoint its location.

Additionally, unknown tracker alerts will alert users to unwanted trackers, even if they aren't Google branded. Unknown tracker alerts happen when the network detects a Bluetooth tracker, such as an Apple AirTag or Tile device, registered to another user following you around. With this Android update, any tracker compatible with the Find My Device network will show up on your app.

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