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Google Clock bug is causing many users to miss preset alarms

2021-09-06 15:35 by


The Google Clock app is arguably one of the most important apps on a smartphone that it comes with, and while most alarm apps are usually quite reliable, a bug can cause issues for users. And this is exactly what has happened to the Google Clock alarm. Many users have taken to social media to complain about a new bug that has allegedly hit the Google Clock app, while Google appears to be investigating the issue.

Typically, when you set an alarm in the Clock app it plays audio when triggered, but that's no longer happening for some users. As Liliputing reports, the culprit seems to be Spotify, and more specifically, any alarm that is using Spotify to source the audio to play for the alarm.

Google is aware of the problem and is working on a fix, but for now it's recommended that Android users stop using Spotify for alarm sounds. Instead, select audio from within Device sound while you wait for the fix to roll out. Anyone who didn't realize you could use Spotify in this capacity is probably glad they hadn't heard of the feature, but it was first introduced back in 2018.

Since alarms are an essential part of most of our daily routines, we'd recommend downloading a third-party clock/alarm app till Google rolls out a fix. The Google Play Store is home to several great Google Clock replacements, like Alarmy, Early Bird Alarm Clock, Sleep as Android, and AlarmMon, that you can try out. These apps offer a couple of handy additional features that might even prompt you to drop the Google Clock app altogether.

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