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Google, Apple, Meta and other huge tech companies join US consortium to advance responsible AI

2024-02-08 18:26 by


A whole bunch of big tech companies, 200 in all, have joined a US-based effort to advance responsible AI practices. The US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) will count Meta, Google, Microsoft and Apple as members.

The group's job is to focus on key tasks laid out in President Biden's October AI executive order. This includes creating guidelines for red-teaming, evaluating capabilities, managing risks, ensuring safety and security, and adding watermarks to synthetic content.

The consortium, being the most extensive assembly of test and evaluation teams, aims to establish the groundwork for a "new measurement science in AI safety." AISIC seems to be the first move towards meeting the majority of the order's requirements. It is still unclear whether there are different levels of membership or if there are involvement requirements for participants.

All of the tech companies mentioned are working on generative AI in different ways. Google is one of the leaders in AI innovation (it just rolled out its new chatbot, Gemini, for Android). Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, made ChatGPT a major talking point last year. Qualcomm, with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, opened the door for AI-powered features in smartphones. Apple is also reportedly working on enhancing Siri using AI technology.

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