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Google announces 'Advanced Protection' for vulnerable accounts

2017-10-18 17:19 by


Google has launched Advanced Protection Program (APP), designed to keep users online safe from hacking and phishing attempts. The program targets a "minority" of users that are considered particularly at risk of being on the receiving end of a targeted attack. These can be journalists, human rights defenders, environment campaigners and civil society activists working on any number of sensitive issues.

The program relies on three defences: first, it utilizes a physical security key to help protect you against phishing sites. Second, it limits third-party access to your Google emails and files. Third, it blocks fraudulent account access, the idea being to prevent hackers from pretending to be you. It does this by using physics security keys on top of your usual username and password sign-in.

The physical key is a dongle, either Bluetooth or USB. All you do is plug it in (or connect it) and push a button; that's how you prove to Google that it's you signing into your account. This actually bypasses other methods like phone-based two-step verification. This means that even if a criminal manages to steal your login details, for instance, they won't be able to break into your account without the Security Key.

The account recovery process for Advanced Protection Program accounts has additional steps that are designed to thwart any hackers that might be trying to access your account by claiming to be you and pretending to have been locked out. Users can sign-up for the program here.

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