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Gmail allows sending emails as attachments

2019-12-10 17:16 by
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Gmail will soon allow its users to send emails as attachments without having to forward or download them first. Or as Google puts it, "You can now attach emails to other emails in Gmail."

Typically, if you want to share an email you've received with someone else the easiest way to do so is to forward the email. However, that's not always suitable, especially when there's multiple email threads to send. Until now, you'd have to download the emails first from Gmail and then add them as an attachment, but not anymore.

To send an email as attachment, simply select the emails, and drag and drop them. Alternatively, you can right click the selected emails and use the "Forward as an attachment" option.

There's no limit on how many emails you can add as an attachment and each one gets converted into a .eml file (Email Message file). Clicking on a .eml file from within Gmail opens it to read in a new window. Whichever email service or software you use should be able to handle opening Email Message files, so forwarding them to any recipient from Gmail shouldn't cause problems.

The feature is being gradually rolled out to users starting Dec. 9, and it should take up to 15 days for it to become available to everyone. To check if the feature is already live for you, open an email and click the three dot menu — you should see a "forward as attachment" option in there.

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