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Firefox will let users delete collected data

2020-01-03 11:45 by


New Year's New Law – California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect from January 1, 2020. giving residents of California GDPR-like rights and protection. One of the rights afforded to people by the new law is to request that companies delete their user-specific data.

Mozilla was one of the first company to acknowledge and back such a law as it has always maintained that consumer data privacy has been the company's top priority. Supporting its previous claims, Mozilla has adopted the much awaited CCPA in the Firefox 72 stable version which is slated for January 7, 2020 release. The CCPA version of Firefox will not be limited to users in U.S. alone but will be available to all Firefox users worldwide.

Mozilla points out that Firefox "collects very little of your data", stressing that anything that is collected is used to improve security and performance, and does not reveal anything about internet usage. It is something that will be welcomed by privacy advocates around the globe, but from an administrative point of view it just makes sense for the same options to be made available to all users rather than just a subset of them.

More companies may follow suit, whether for ideological or practical reasons. Legal observers say some companies may decide it's not worth it to create two different interfaces for users in different states, or to determine which users qualify as California residents under the law. What's more, other states have considered similar privacy laws, so the requirements could extend beyond California in the future.

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