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FCC reviewing free-data plans from T-Mobile, AT&T, Comcast

2015-12-18 02:58 by
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The U.S Federal Communications Commission has sent inquiries to AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile asking for information about mobile services that allow customers to access certain content without paying for the data usage. The commission has noted that this is not an investigation bur rather a way for the FCC stay informed about these practices.

"As you may be aware, concerns have been expressed about these programs, for example, some have argued that sponsored data unfairly advantages incumbent content providers," the letter to AT&T said. "We want to ensure that we have all the facts to understand how these services relate to the commission’s goal of maintaining a free and open Internet while incentivizing innovation and investment from all sources."

The services in question are: T-Mobile's Music Freedom and Binge On; AT&T's Data Perks; Comcast's StreamOn.

Music Freedom allows customers to listen to music streamed from certain apps, without paying for this data. Binge On allows certain subscribers to view their favorite television shows and movies, without using any of their data. AT&T's gives users who view certain promotional videos, the chance to get free additional data. Comcast's service allows customers to view video without it counting against their monthly broadband data cap.

All these services are exact opposite of what FCC introduced earlier this year. The commission approved rules requiring broadband providers to treat all data equally, rather than giving or selling access to a so-called Web "fast lane."

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