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FCC issues final denial of $885M Starlink subsidy

2023-12-14 17:00 by
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The Federal Communications Commission is standing by last year's decision to deny Starlink nearly $900 million in rural broadband subsidies.

The regulator issued its final denial Dec. 12, reaffirming that SpaceX's satellite broadband service failed to meet requirements for participating in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).

"The FCC followed a careful legal, technical and policy review to determine that this applicant had failed to meet its burden to be entitled to the funds," FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel said in a news release.

The FCC used median national download and upload speed data provided by Ookla, an internet analyst firm, from 2021 and 2022 to show Starlink would not be able to meet requirements set for 2025. SpaceX disagreed with the use of the data as the requirements were not set to be in place until 2025 and it failed to take in account what could change when the company deploys more satellites over the coming years.

In a response to the FCC's denial SpaceX stated, "[it] is deeply disappointed and perplexed," about the decision. Later in the statement, the company's VP of Legal claimed, "Starlink likely recorded the fastest speeds of any operator in the locations eligible for RDOF funds."

SpaceX plans to launch as many as 200 rockets in 2024, many of which will be dedicated Starlink missions.

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