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FCC considers rules to redefine Internet TV

2014-10-29 09:42 by
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The FCC chairman Tom Wheeler on Tuesday formally proposed to his coleagues from the commission to consider new "technology-neutral" rules to update the agency's definition for a pay TV service or a "multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD)."

The new rules should guarantee that Internet video providers have the same access to the ABCs, AMCs and HBOs channels as cable and satellite TV providers. Currently only cable, satellite and phone companies are considered MVPD, which are guaranteed access to the TV channels.

"Today the FCC takes the first step to open access to cable programs as well as local television," he wrote. "The result should be to give consumers more alternatives from which to choose so they can buy the programs they want."

"Consumers have long complained about how their cable service forces them to buy channels they never watch," Mr. Wheeler wrote in an F.C.C. blog post. "The move of video onto the Internet can do something about that frustration - but first Internet video services need access to the programs."

"Taking advantage of this rule, new [over the top providers] may offer smaller or specialized packages of video programming, so consumers will be able to mix-and-match to suit their tastes. Aereo recently visited the Commission to make exactly this point - that updating the definition of an MVPD will provide consumers with new choices," Wheeler wrote. "And perhaps consumers will not be forced to pay for channels they never watch." 

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