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FCC chair calls for cable, satellite TV to show one all-in price

2023-03-22 16:18 by
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The FCC is considering a new rule that would force cable and satellite TV providers to tell potential customers just how much they'll pay for service.

The measure is intended to help would-be customers make truly informed choices about TV subscriptions, including comparisons with streaming services. The move could also help boost competition between providers and help cash-strapped families avoid unpleasant surprises, FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel claims.

"No one likes surprises on their bill, especially families on tight budgets," Rosenworcel said in a statement. "We're working to make it so the advertised price for a service is the price you pay when your bill arrives and isn't littered with anything that resembles junk fees."

Rosenworcel's proposal would make cable and satellite firms "state the total cost of video programming service clearly and prominently, including broadcast retransmission consent, regional sports programming, and other programming-related fees, as a prominent single line item on subscribers' bills and in promotional materials."

Internet providers with over 100,000 subscribers will have to comply six months after the White House Office of Management and Budget completes a review of the rules as required by the federal Paperwork Reduction Act, the FCC order said. Smaller broadband providers will have a year to comply.

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