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FCC calls on telecom industry to crack down on robocalls

2018-11-06 16:57 by
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Robocalls have become so frequent and unavoidable in recent months that US Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has decided to fight them. Today, Pai sent a letter to over a dozen US mobile providers urging them to deploy an industry-wide method of combatting the automated nuisance calls — or else.

Pai's request comes as the FCC tries to get its arms around the problem of robocallers, who illegally spoof caller IDs so that they display someone else's number when telemarketers make calls. Scammers use the method to make it more difficult for annoyed consumers to make complaints, as well as hinder police efforts to track the calls. Carriers already insist they're working behind the scenes to shut out robocallers and prevent unwanted interruptions.

"Combatting illegal robocalls is our top consumer priority at the FCC," Pai said. "That's why we need call authentication to become a reality—it's the best way to ensure that consumers can answer their phones with confidence."

"By this time next year, I expect that consumers will begin to see this on their phones," Pai said in a press release. "Carriers need to continue working together to make this happen and I am calling on those falling behind to catch up." He added that "if it does not appear that this system is on track to get up and running next year, then we will take action to make sure that it does."

The authentication framework, which relies on the Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN) and the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) standards, would ensure the legitimacy of calls before they reach consumers.

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