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FCC approves net neutrality rules

2015-02-27 10:28 by
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The Federal Communications Commission has approved the new Net neutrality rules, which reclassify broadband internet as a Title II public utility and gives the agency more regulatory power in the process. The new measures prohibit carriers from blocking or slowing online traffic, or offering faster service in return for payment.

"It [the internet] is our printing press; it is our town square; it is our individual soap box and our shared platform for opportunity," said FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel during today's open commission meeting. "That is why open internet policies matter. That is why I support network neutrality."

Yet, no one knows exactly what rules have been approved, because they have not been revealed officially.

"We will publish the order on our website as soon as next two steps are completed," said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler when quizzed after the vote. "First, we have to get the dissents in, and second have to look at those dissents - and we are required to be responsive to the dissents. Then we will put it on the web. And at that point also file it with the Federal Register."

The vote came after years of debate on whether the FCC should have more power to regulate the Internet. Republicans aren't happy with the latest decision. They stated that would try to stop the FCC's "misguided scheme."

"The fight to keep the Internet unburdened from regulatory overreach is far from over," Thune, chairman of the Senate’s commerce committee, said in a statement.

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