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FCC admits its broadband growth figures were inaccurate

2019-05-02 18:01 by
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Less than three months after the FCC reported strong rural broadband growth, the agency has admitted that those figures were wrong. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says the estimates published in a draft report back in February were off by almost two million.

In the original report the number of Americans lacking access to a fixed broadband connection was down to 19.4 million by the end of 2017 from 26.1 million the year before. Turns out, the correct figure is 21.3 million. Pai's office this week issued a release saying there is now a revised version of the draft report with updated figures.

"The revision reflects a thorough review of the initial draft triggered by the discovery that a company submitted drastically overstated deployment data to the FCC," the release states. "After appropriate revisions to the report, it continues to support the conclusion that significant progress has been made in closing the digital divide in America."

"Fortunately, the new data doesn't change the report's fundamental conclusion: we are closing the digital divide, which means we're delivering on the FCC's top priority," Pai said. "We're achieving this result by removing barriers to infrastructure investment, promoting competition, and providing efficient, effective support for rural broadband expansion through our Universal Service Fund programs."

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