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Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps

2018-07-20 12:55 by
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Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are launching a new project to enable seamless transfer of data across platforms. The tech giants today launched the Data Transfer Project, or DTP for short, in an effort to make users' data portable. The existing code for the project is available open-source on GitHub, along with a white paper describing its scope.

"The future of portability will need to be more inclusive, flexible, and open," reads the white paper. "Our hope for this project is that it will enable a connection between any two public-facing product interfaces for importing and exporting data directly."

At its core, the DTP will use a series of Adapters that can unravel propriety APIs into easily understandable data packets. Adapters will come in two forms: import and export data adapters, and authentication adapters for verifying and protecting users. In theory, this means a person could transfer their Instagram photos to Flickr, or Google Photos, without having to mass-download and upload their library.

Once it's finalized, the new system should cover many data types including email, contacts, calendars and tasks. Individual data types, called Data Models, will be grouped together under Verticals. A service like YouTube Music, for instance, could have Data Models for playlists and music videos under its music Vertical.

The DTP is still in development and not available to the wider public. There are, however, a couple of GitHub-hosted methods that curious engineers can try out right now.

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