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Ex-Apple employees debut AI-powered wearable

2023-04-21 20:03 by


A mysterious startup from ex-Apple employees, called Humane,  has finally shown what it's working on: An AI-powered wearable that works a bit like a Star Trek communicator badge.

At a live conference, Humane founder Imran Chaudhri unveiled a pocketable projector that stemmed out from his shirt, as screen recorded by journalist Zarif Ali. The device, which was smaller than a traditional smartphone, had an array of cameras and sensors at the top that could project visual interfaces onto hands, tabletops, or really any surface.

The screenless device, which does not require a nearby cell phone to work, uses a combination of voice and gestures for input and can display information by projecting it onto nearby objects.

In the demo, Chaudhri shows the badge-like device translating his comments into fluent French in what sounds similar to his own voice. "This is not a deepfake, in fact, it's deeply profound. This is my AI giving me the ability to speak any language," he says.

In another demo, Chaudhri conducts a phone call with the device. Although the badge has no display, it contains a projector, which can display an image if you place your hand or object over it. As a result, the projector is able to show who's calling him as he holds his hand up against his chest.

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