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EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones

2021-09-23 15:35 by
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Apple Inc. may have to redesign its iPhones to use USB-C charging ports under draft rules from the European Union aimed at cutting waste and simplifying life for consumers owning multiple devices.

The EU has unveiled plans to make all tech firms adopt the same charging ports for phones, tablets, game consoles and many other gadgets. Some smaller consumer electronics devices - like smart watches and fitness bands - are being excluded owing to factors like their size and conditions of use.

The move has been more than 10 years in the making, with the European Union executive touting environmental benefits and 250 million euros ($293 million) in annual savings for users.

Last year, the European Commission introduced new regulation that made it mandatory for device manufacturers to adopt a common standard for wired and wireless chargers sold in the region. The move was a big win for consumers and is expected to reduce environmental waste over time, but regulators aren't stopping there.

Fast charging standards will also be harmonized under the proposal - while device makers will have requirements to provide users with "relevant information about charging performance", including info on the power required and if a device supports fast charging.

"This will make it easier for consumers to see if their existing chargers meet the requirements of their new device or help them to select a compatible charger," the Commission notes, going on to suggest that the full package of measures will help consumers limit the number of new chargers they buy and help them save €250 million a year on unnecessary charger purchases.

The most obvious holdout in this matter is Apple, who continues to sell iPhones equipped with a Lightning port as opposed to USB Type-C. The company did put a USB Type-C port on its iPad and Mac products, but accessories like AirPods and AirPods Pro still use a Lightning connector. Even so, the company was content to omit the charger from the box with new iPhones, and manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi are already copying this behavior.

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