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EFF says T-Mobile One violates net neutrality

2016-08-23 02:58 by
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Last week, T-Mobile announced its new unlimited data plan, called "One". However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) considers that this plan violates net neutrality rules.

One gives customers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data starting at $70 a month, with the ability to add up to an additional seven lines.

One of the plan's limitations is that tethering is stuck at 2G speeds and if users consume over 26GB of data, they will be throttled. Another catch of the new plan is that it only includes standard definition video and customers wanting high definition have to pay $25 a month extra. These are the points which the EFF worries about.

"Limiting the speed of tethered traffic and throttling video are both practices that violate the FCC's rule against throttling and the principle of net neutrality," EFF Staff Attorney Kit Walsh said. "The FCC was clear about banning such throttling in the Open Internet Order, where it said 'If a broadband provider degraded the delivery of a particular application (e.g., a disfavored VoIP service) or class of application (e.g., all VoIP applications), it would violate the bright-line no-throttling rule.' Simply substitute 'video' or 'tethering' in for 'VoIP' in that sentence, and you can see how the FCC's rule applies here."

In February, the Federal Communications Commission passed rules that prevent ISPs from reducing speeds for higher data consumers.

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