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Eero launches home Wi-Fi system with multiple routers

2016-02-26 02:47 by
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Eero Inc. has announced that the world's first home WiFi system is now available for purchase. Last year, the company announced its pack of routers that aim to combat dead spots.

Instead of relying on a single router, Eero uses multiple hubs that talk to each another - each Eero device plays the role of a router, a range extender and a wireless access point - essentially creating a mesh network for the home. To reveal its full potential, the system consists of a pack of three routers.

"We keep adding more connected devices to our networks and streaming more content — WiFi has become a core utility for our homes. Yet, despite the broadband speeds into our homes getting faster and faster, we still don't have fast, reliable WiFi in every room," said Nick Weaver, eero co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. "We started eero to fix home WiFi once and for all. eero is simple to set up, blankets our homes, and gets rid of dead zones and buffering forever."

The Eero system is simple to set up and easy to manage using the eero smartphone app. Over-the-air software updates give customers new features, performance improvements, and the latest security.

The 3-pack (recommended for the average home) has a suggested retail price of $499, while a single Eero is offered for $199.

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