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Dish pushed FCC to block Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

2014-07-10 09:15 by
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Dish Network Corp. urged the FCC members to reject Comcast Corp.'s purchase of Time Warner Cable Inc. because it "presents serious competitive concerns". Dish is trying to build an over-the-top Internet video streaming service, which could launch later this year. During meetings with the FCC commissioners, Dish's chairman Ergen raised concerns that Comcast might try to kill Internet video services like his that are aimed at cord cutters tired of ever-increasing cable bills.

"Comcast/TWC will have at least three 'choke points' in the broadband pipe where it can harm competing video services: the last mile 'public Internet' channel to the consumer; the interconnection point; and any managed or specialized service channels, which can act as high speed lanes and squeeze the capacity of the public Internet portion of the pipe," Dish said in its filing. "Each choke point provides the ability for the combined company to foreclose the online video offerings of its competitors."

In a statement, Comcast responded:

"Dish has long been one of our most vigorous competitors, and unlike us has a national footprint available in tens of millions of more homes than a combined Comcast-Time Warner Cable. Dish not wanting stronger competitors isn't surprising and it isn't new. Any issues regarding NBCUniversal programming and other video services, whether they be traditional or over the top, are already amply covered by pre-existing FCC rules and deal conditions."

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