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Dish planning Blockbuster-branded Netflix competitor

2011-09-06 09:42 by
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Dish is their recent $300 million acquisition of the Blockbuster brand to launch a streaming video competitor to Netflix. According to Bloomberg, the new service is being introduced next month and Dish hopes they can piggyback on some of the ill will created by Netflix's recent round of rate hikes and the breakdown of contract negotiations with Starz.

Even though previous efforts by Blockbuster to compete with Netflix have not been successful, Dish may ve able to craft a more interesting Netflix alternative considering their existing licensing relationships. The new service will include Blockbuster films and movies from Starz, who walked away from a $300 million a year arrangement witn Netflix last week, because Netflix wouldn't impose addiitional pricing tiers for "premium" Starz content.

You can read the full Bloomberg story -here-



  User Reviews/Comments:
by sava700 - 2011-09-06 14:08
Won't take off as much as they hope..they are already charging way too much for PPV thru the Sat service and to charge more for HD PPV's over regular when HD is free from them is just stupid to boot.
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