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Discord outage silences gamers worldwide

2022-01-27 17:06 by
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Discord, the leading voice chat service used by video gamers around the world, suffered a widespread outage on Wednesday, affecting millions of users for over an hour. Only half of the user base was able to return to the service by 21:00 GMT.

"We are currently investigating a widespread API outage and are working to resolve this ASAP," said the official Discord Twitter account.

The underlying issue was identified within 15 minutes, but resolving it has taken longer. However, after resolving the API issue, Discord discovered a secondary issue with a database cluster, causing further problems.

"We have identified the underlying issue with the API outage but are dealing with a secondary issue on one of our database clusters. We have our entire on-call response team online and responding to the issue," the platform posted. In response, Discord instituted a rate limit on logins to manage traffic while its team worked to solve the server issue. Later, that limit was increased and the service was up and running as expected.

Discord is a free group-chatting platform that boasts around 150 million monthly active users. While it was originally created for gamers and its rise was propelled by the growing popularity of esports, the platform has since gone mainstream, becoming one of the widely used tools for online communication.

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