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D-Link announces new mesh-enabled Exo routers and extenders

2019-01-07 04:14 by
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D-Link today announced its new lineup of mesh-enabled Exo routers and extender points. The routers and extenders pair seamlessly to create complete mesh coverage with the added security of McAfee – all in a more traditional router format.

The new Exo routers and extenders will all work together using D-Link's Wi-Fi Mesh technology. This technology makes it possible for consumers to personalize their Wi-Fi network and provides the speed and coverage they need now while giving them flexible options to expand later. D-Link's Wi-Fi Mesh also creates one network and automatically connects all devices to the best connection available, even as people move around the home.

The Exo lineup also benefits customers by providing four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the router with additional USB ports available for storage and other devices. Exo points include one Gigabit Ethernet port for stable connections to wired devices.

Each Exo router includes D-Link's security suite, powered by McAfee. The security suite starts working as soon as the router is set up, helping to protect every connected device on the network. It uses cloud-based machine learning that adapts to new threats in real-time by updating the threat database automatically.

Prices will range from $79.99 for an AC1300 Exo mesh router to $199.99 for an AC3000 model. D-Link will also have AC2600 ($179.99), AC1900 ($159.99), and AC1750 ($119.99) models. The company will offer two mesh access points: An AC1300 model for $79.99 and an AC2000 model for $99.99. The routers and APs will be sold separately, although a D-Link spokesperson said in a briefing that the company will consider offering bundles down the road.

The Exo lineup is expected to be available sometime in the second quarter of 2019.

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